Project Details

  • Location: Castelldefels, Barcelona.
  • Promotor: Fundació Cellex
  • Project Author: Op team arquitectura
  • End Date: 2013
  • Budget: 3.317.670 €

Cellex Building, ICFO, Barcelona

Construction of a new building annexed to the Institute of Photonic Sciences of Castelldefels, offering work spaces and laboratories to welcome young researchers, as well as spaces that favor contact and transfer of knowledge between them.

The building is structured in a rectangular floor of PB + 3 and a  3,800 m2 construction area. Due to low supporting capacity of the ground, the foundations are made of Ø55 piles CPI-8 type, grouped in several pile caps.

In the area of ​​the laboratories a solid reinforced concrete slab is proposed resting on continuous neoprene edgewise beams to dampen the possible vibrations that can be produced by the movement of the building. The rest of the building is solved with a concrete waffle slab.


North and south façades maintain the same closure as in the existing building. Ventilated facade formed with a 15 cm hollow brick Wall, Wood substructure to support the cover of the buiding, 4 cm thickness projected isolation of 35 kg / m3, air chamber, exterior Surface finish with zinc coated skin panels. The new west façade is built with a perforated brick wall of 15cm, exterior insulation, painted STO type mortar, substructure and exterior cladding. In the areas of facade that faces to work spaces the exterior finish is posed with glass elements placed parallel to the facade and fixed to the metallic substructure. The different serigraphs allow control of light transmission and solar radiation. In general the pavements will be of small grain smooth 40x40cm terrazzo tiles, polished and brightening at the work. At “discussion zones” and circulations of the third floor the pavement is continuous vinyl placed on a terrazzo base that guarantees flatness. In the open work area of ​​the third floor there is a technical floor 60x60x3,2 and 25 cm higwith locked steel structure.

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